My Theme for 2014

nurtureAt the end of one year and the beginning of a new one, do you set goals? Make resolutions? Do nothing?

The year 2013 is now behind us and a new year has begun.  It’s typical for people to take this opportunity to set new goals or more commonly make “New Year’s Resolutions.” These goals or resolutions are good and bad. Good because they give us something to look forward to and to strive for in the new year. Maybe it’s to lose weight or to eat better or to be a better person. But, the bad thing about this is that these goals aren’t measurable and therefore aren’t attainable. If I set out to lose 15 lbs. that’s measurable and attainable. If I set a goal to make “X” amount of dollars per month freelance writing, that’s measurable and attainable. But, to just say I want to lose weight or make money writing…I’m setting myself up to fail already. How will I know when I’ve attained my goal if there’s no end in sight?

This year, I’m doing something completely different. Something I’ve never done before. I’m going to apply a THEME to the year and incorporate that theme into everything I do. My goals will be based on this theme and my objectives to reach my goals will include that theme.

My theme for 2014 is… Nurture.

  • Nurture my career as a writer.
  • Nurture my relationship with my son who lives half way across the country.
  • Nurture my body.
  • Nurture my self-esteem.
  • Nurture strangers.

As a writer, I plan to take a few courses that will help me learn to be a better writer and to schedule time into my calendar to actually sit and write.  Not plan, not organize, not tinkering with websites, not research…but actual writing!  As I writer, I gotta WRITE!

As a mother, I find myself putting off calling my son worrying that I might be interrupting him, or thinking he’s probably at work or busy doing something around the house or driving in his car.  Because of this, I don’t get to talk to him nearly as often as I want to and I find that weeks can go by when I don’t hear his voice and this makes me sad.  I plan to call him regularly and if I don’t reach him, at least he’ll know he’s been on my mind and he’ll have a voice reminder that his mama loves him dearly and misses him terribly!

My body is the only one I get and in the last few months, I haven’t been taking very good care of it.  I’ve put on several pounds that I had previously lost and had been successful at keeping off, until now.  I’m going to get back to the routine I had set for myself when I had lost the weight and change-up some of my eating habits as well.  I suffer from IBS and my flare-ups are severe.  I’m not satisfied with my doctors telling me there’s not much I can do to “fix it” so I’m on a mission to fix it myself.  I’m going to do a ten-day juice fast and then plan on juicing at least one meal a day, maybe two.

Low self-esteem is dreadful.  My entire life has been a constant battle of that inner-voice telling me one thing and my arguing with that voice to convince it otherwise.  I’m learning how to talk myself into doing things that I would normally avoid due to that voice speaking louder than my own.  Learning and practicing these techniques have been nothing short of awesome and I’m hoping 2014 will be the year that my low self-esteem becomes HIGH and powerful.  Starting with surrounding myself with people who respect me and treat me how I should be treated.  I’m going to stay off the scale and learn to love my body the way it is and as I mentioned before, make it healthy, not skinny.

Strangers are people just like me and they have their ups and downs just like I do.  This year, I’m going to go out of my way to be friendlier and more engaging with strangers.  Hopefully, I can make someone smile that was having a bad day or lift someone’s spirit by a kind word or deed.  I’m going to head into my days, treating strangers as if we’ve been friends for years.

What are you doing different (if anything) in 2014 that you didn’t do in 2013?

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