Holiday Missions ~ Week 8


Happy Tuesday my friends!

Yes, I know, it’s Tuesday and I had planned to post my Holiday Missions on Mondays each week to help us all slowly get ready for the fall and winter holidays with little or no stress, but heck, things happen and I’m not going to beat myself up over it.  As a matter of fact, if you’ve been following along and looking forward to my posts each week, you probably noticed that I skipped last week completely!  I know I skipped a few weeks back too and gave you a pretty heavy week on week 7, so by skipping last week’s Missions (week 8), hopefully you had time to get everything accomplished. If not, no worries! We’re going to re-cap our last list of tasks and sail through this Thanksgiving week…stress FREE!

Yes, you heard that right. Stress Free! At this point, we should already be on top of the game for Thanksgiving day and any entertaining we’ll be doing for the holiday so take this week to enjoy the people around you. Family, friends, co-workers, store clerks and strangers.

I chose the horn-of-plenty as my main photo today because I think it says a lot about our lives when we slow down and stop for a minute to reflect on our many blessings. It’s so easy to get caught up in the negativeness of day-to-day activities and negative people tend to wear us down and even suck us into their world of complaining about what we don’t have.

I’m challenging you today to break away from the negativeness and complaining and be a beacon of light to all the people you encounter on a daily basis this week. It’s a choice we make. Choose to be happy and thankful for the abundance that we are blessed with. We have WAY more than we need and there’s so many people out there struggling just to stay alive. Hungry, cold, scared and alone. What are you complaining about?

With the knowledge that Thanksgiving is just 2 days away and Christmas is a mere 29 days away…

Your Missions this week, should you choose to accept them:

We’re basically just going to continue to prepare for Christmas and wrap up Thanksgiving plans.

  • Put the final touches on your Christmas Newsletter if you’re writing one.
  • Take another section of your card list and sign and address those and set them aside.
  • Finish any online and catalog shopping. Don’t wait for Cyber Monday. I don’t believe the sales will save you enough to make it worth the headaches when an item is sold out or back-ordered.
  • Wrap as you go.  Are you logging your purchases like I showed you on week 7?
  • Are your salon appointments made through the end of the year?
  • Schedule your family portrait session.
  • Is your December calendar posted in a central location for everyone to see and use?
  • Wardrobe check.  What are you wearing for Thanksgiving dinner? Does it fit? Need ironing or cleaning?
  • Think about your Thanksgiving table.  Locate linens, dishes, flatware etc. and see if you need anything additional.  If so…get it!
  • Have you reserved babysitters for the rest of the year?

Before you rush off, I need a favor. Would you help me with another post coming later? I’d like to know what your fondest Thanksgiving tradition is. Please leave a comment at the bottom of this post and help me compile an article about family holiday traditions. I won’t use your name or any other way of identifying you, it’ll be generic. Thank you in advance.

That’s it! Now, go and enjoy your family, friends, co-workers, store clerks and strangers!

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  • Cindy Wiens

    Loved your post, Phyllis! Our family gathers in the family room after dishes are done and we give each person a pen and paper to write what they are thankful for. We then put them in a bowl and a designated person pulls one from the bowl and reads it. We all then try to guess who wrote it. Then that person who wrote it elaborates a bit on why they wrote what they did. We all come away feeling like we know a little more about each person attending. Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Phyllis Turner

      Thank you for stopping by Cindy and for your kind words. 🙂 I love your tradition and will certainly use it in an article I have coming due. I appreciate you sharing. What a sweet way to celebrate Thanksgiving with a group of people that may or may not know each other all that well. We have a couple of guests expected this year that we don’t know very well. I may have to steal this one! Happy Thanksgiving!

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  • Marlene a Hibbard

    Phyllis, what a great idea to take us through the holidays with some accountability. I needed this.

    • Phyllis Turner

      Awesome! Be sure to go back to Week 1 and read forward & see if you can get caught up. It’ll be fun to have you following along.