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On January 13th, I started a juice “fast” after weeks of contemplation.  I put the word “Fast” in quotes because my idea of fasting and most everyone elses idea of fasting are undoubtedly different.  I researched different types of juicers, watched videos, read blogs, you name it.  One of the things that really pushed me to do this though was watching the movie on YouTube called, “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.”  And, by January 13th of this year, I thought I was ready to start a juice fast.  I was ready in my head and heart anyway.

I started this blog with a detailed account of Day 2 of my juice fast.  Day 1 was uneventful and well, basically, I was unfamiliar with my juicer and didn’t schedule my “meals” so I ended up at the end of the day having only had half of my intended meals.  As long as I have something in my stomach, I don’t think about eating all that much.  Or so I thought.

Day 2

I started the day with 2 glasses of warm water with the juice from half a lemon and ginger.  I started drinking hot lemon water several weeks ago in place of my usual 2-4 cups of coffee and now, I actually look forward to my lemon water in the mornings!  This was the best part about today.

juice fast

Carrot, Apple, Lemon Juice

Breakfast: Carrot, Apple, Lemon Juice

For breakfast, I had a Carrot, apple, lemon juice.  It tasted awesome & I will definitely have this again!  It was very refreshing and I LOVE the kick from the ginger.  This juice consists of 4 carrots, 2 granny smith apples, and a whole lemon.  I zest the lemon to remove the most bitter parts of the skin and keep all the health “pith” which is the white skin under the peel.  Best part is…I save the lemon zest for Jon to use in a yummy recipe later!

I woke up with a headache and no energy at all.  In fact, I felt like crap all day…drained of energy and totally in a fog in my brain.  My concentration issues were multiplied 10-fold today as my body is adjusting and clearly detoxifying.

juice fast

O.N.E. Coconut Water

Mid-Morning – Coconut Water

I’ve tasted coconut water once before and just about gagged.  The one I bought before was horrible and I couldn’t even get the whole serving down the hatch without fear of it coming back up.  I was hesitant to try it again but for the sake of my juice fast, I was willing to give it another shot.  I wanted to go by the book and follow all the rules.  I just picked the brand that our local grocery had on sale and wow…what a difference!  This brand was actually very tasty…not like milk-chocolate-tasty, but it was pretty good and I had no trouble drinking it.  It actually tasted like it may have come straight from the coconut.  The ingredients list is one thing: Coconut Water.  Yay!

I felt dizzy, very emotional, depressed, tired, lethargic & had a dull achy headache all day.

juice fast

Green Lemonade-Before

LunchGreen Lemonade

This one was very tasty too, and a little tart taste which gives it the name “lemonade!” This recipe made two glasses of juice which was nice.  I really felt like I needed it.  This recipe calls for: Eight kale leaves, 3 handfuls of spinach, 1 granny smith apple, 1 cucumber, 2 celery stalks, and a whole lemon.

If I didn’t have so much to get done, I would have gone back to bed half way through the day.


juice fast

Green Lemonade-After


juice fast

Joe’s Mean Green

Snack ~ Joe’s Mean Green Juice

Another really tasty drink.  This one consisted of: Eight kale leaves, 1 cucumber, 2 celery stalks, 1 apple, 1//2 a lemon, and a piece of ginger root.

Still feeling awful and just wanting to go to bed, but I had a busy office day, felt determined and was pushing myself to get through the day.  I kept telling myself, it’s only 10 days.  You can do ANYTHING for 10 days, right?

Juice fast

Garden Variety

The Garden Variety juice has: 2 Apples, 2 Cucumbers, 8 Kale leaves, and a handful of parsley.

I wasn’t even really hungry for dinner but I was determined and wanted to at least get ONE full day of going by the book in.


juice fast

Purple Passion

Dessert – Purple Passion

30 purple, red or black grapes, 1 basket of blueberries, and a handful of mint leaves.

I pushed through it though and actually stayed up watching TV until after midnight!  In fact, I had a burst of energy around 10pm and vacuumed the master bedroom, living room rug and the tile throughout the rest of the living room/kitchen/dining areas.  How cool that was!!

Hopefully, the energy stays & the lethargy, moodiness, and headache go soon.


Where am I now and how am I doing you ask?  Well, today is February 4th and I’ve been juicing ALMOST daily since I started this.  Not a full day of juices, although I did make it through the first 5-6 days doing nothing but juices.  I lost 8 lbs. during that time and have since lost another 2-3 lbs.  I have problems with retaining water when I sit for long periods of time and as a writer, that’s what I do.  Every day.  So, depending on my activity levels, my weight can fluctuate 2-4 pounds in either direction on any given day so I don’t rely on my scale like some people do.

I’m feeling better overall and don’t feel bloated in my belly like I did.  If I drink my juice too fast, however, it tends to sit hard on my belly for about a half hour.  I try to drink plenty of extra water when this happens and it seems to help.  I have learned to sip my juice though and enjoy the flavors.  My Irritable Bowel Syndrome and digestive issues have gone away completely as long as I’m juicing.  There’s nothing I’ve juiced that bothers me and the only time I have any flare-ups now is when I do eat something solid that I know will bother me.  Things high in fiber (roughage) and anything with pulp or skin on it.  Apples, tomatoes, peppers, oranges, grapefruit, spinach, kale, lettuce, pears, you name it.  I can now eat/drink all of this stuff with no after effects!

I’ll put together my 6 day menu next and share with you guys some other recipes.  This post was just for day two to give you an idea of what it was like starting out.  There’s several other recipes I’m dying to share with you.

I’ve had people ask me what juicer I’m using…that my photos look great and that the juicer looks to be doing an excellent job.  I will say, the juicer I’m using is awesome.  I’m using the Breville Juice Fountain – Multi Speed. I don’t get ANY pulp in my juice at all.  It’s nothing but pure juice.  Cleaning it is a breeze and it’s all dishwasher safe.  During the day, I just rinse it and wipe it with a washcloth but at the end of the day I’ll wash it with soap and water or run it through a dishwasher cycle.

So, talk to me.  Have you been considering a juice fast or adding juicing to your day somehow?  Tell me your thoughts.  If you have any questions about my own experience, I’m happy to answer those too.

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